I’m generally an extremely upbeat kinda guy, but sometimes I get fed up with the lies & bullshit this life feeds us.  

See I’m all for some ra ra happy go lucky, pep-rally inspiration, but the problem is when we accept garbage thoughts into our lives and make it part of our unconscious mantra.  That’s when it can have an undercover negative affect on our lives, many times causing stumbling blocks that block us from our full potential and we wonder why some people just get ahead, while we’re still struggling with the same bullshit.


I can list a bunch of lies that would blow your mind right now and make you really question some things, but the one that set me off the other day is this:


Have you ever heard the saying “You’ll only fail if you don’t quit” or something like that…


Here are some famous quotes on failure that I found doing a quick google search:

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” – Chris Bradford

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill


Hearing stuff like this, while there’s a lot of truth to it, if applied wrong can lead to a lifetime of frustration, underachievement, non-success.  As they say the devil is in the details so we have to be careful how we let these common cliches run our thoughts, subsequently running our lives, because it becomes habit to tell someone, “Don’t give up, keep trying”.


This is going to be a silly example, but imagine a kid opening his 2nd floor window and jumping out.  After a few broken bones, he continues to jump out the window saying to his parents “there is no failure except in no longer trying”.  

“Like dude, just Quit,” is the advice we would probably give him, not a pep talk.


So obviously you agree with me that there’s a better mantra that we can have.


The truth is, in this world that we live in, “We are what we do”.  

Let me repeat that, “WE ARE WHAT WE DO!”  

This may fly in the face of the person that leans heavily on the mantra that we are what we think, which has a lot of truth to it, but the reality is I can think all day and night that I’m getting rich, I can think all day I’m losing weight or getting toned, or whatever, but if I don’t ever ACT on that thought then I’m wasting a lot of thought power.  If I don’t ever take the time to learn the proper ways of achieving my goal and ACT on it then I will stay where I am.


Likewise, since you agree that WE ARE WHAT WE DO, if we want to be successful at a thing we must take Successful Action.  If we continuously take Failure Actions, we will continue to fail each and every time.  


Let that sink in for a moment:

  • We are what we Do
  • Take success actions – Become a Success
  • Take Failure actions – Become a ….


Yeah so I know that doesn’t make a person feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it holds true 100% of the time.  Just think about it… I’m sure there are countless people who have tried many many diets & workout plans and never gave up their quest, but still got to the end of their life overweight never achieving long-term success in that area.

  • Did that person ever give up? NO
  • Did that person have perseverance? YES
  • Wouldn’t you rather have success than tireless perseverance?


When people like Thomas Edison was doing all of that failing you must take note that they were breaking new ground, so there wasn’t a successful model to follow, so yeah for them there really wasn’t any other mantra to follow other than try try try again, but for us common folk 🙂 unless you’re an inventor of some kind there are plenty of models and mentors that we can piggy back off of their success.


One of the secrets of success is simply to discover what works, take those actions and you’ll become a success.  That’s why the most successful people have great mentors that they can pattern their success after.


I know I’m helping somebody… Please Comment and Let me know your thoughts on this….


Make your life easy.  Save yourself tons of failure,  heartache, pain, & dissatisfaction in life… We are what we Do – Take Successful Actions & Be a Success.