I’m curious, how does the picture above make you feel?  Does it take you back to a certain happy time in your life when you felt a deep sense of gratitude, excitement, fulfillment and/or joy?

(I wrote this to a group back in October of 2008 as part of a Series … It’s as applicable today as it is now.  This blessed me reading this after almost 9 years so I know it will bless your life to.  Live your best life now!)


This weekend a good friend of mine picked me up to go to lunch and somehow we got on the conversation of the new Chevrolet Camero that’s supposed to be launched at the end of 2008.  For those who saw Transformers remember this car as the character “Bumble Bee”.  He was telling me how he wanted that car and I was telling him how I rushed home after seeing the movie to find out about the car and saved it on my desktop as a screensaver.  


The conversation was redirected to how I was doing.  (As you’re probably already aware the last few months has been the most trying time in my life- from financial trouble to marital trouble.)  


I began to tell him how going through a hard time like this can make you begin to see things in a different perspective and I revealed to him my view by asking him, “You know we got our sights set on owning that brand new Camero and living in that 6,000 square foot house and achieving our goals and living out our dreams and that definitely a good thing, but why do we want these things?”


I gave him a few moments to contemplate my question, then to help him discover the answer I said, “Imagine that right now we are riding in that brand new Camero on the way to your dream house, do you feel any different?  How do you feel?”  


His response was, “I feel happier; I feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment; I feel as if I’ve made it…”


My friend’s response exposed one of the core reasons why we all want to experience “good” things in our life, because we associate these experiences with certain feelings.  Wouldn’t you agree, that although you desire experiences when you break it down to its essence what you really want is to have the feelings, don’t you?  I mean nobody says “I’m a feel so horrible when I get all of my bills paid off” do they?


The funny thing about feelings is we don’t have to wait until we reach our goal to experience our desired feelings now.  I was telling my friend that my perspective is that everything in my life is perfect and I simply accept the stage of my life that I’m currently in.  Not that I don’t want things to change for the better, but I choose to set my mind on being grateful for what I do have in my life:  All of my basic needs are being taken care of, I’m still eating good, got a roof over my head, got great parents who support me, I don’t have a lot of friends, but the friends that I do have I can count on them during hard times and they can count on me.  I chose to set my mind on the positive things and feel good about my life and where I am going.


(This may not be relevant to you, but because I chose to have this attitude many people that I associate with will honestly tell you that I remain upbeat and happy.  This is no act, neither is this because of a lack of connect to what’s going on in my life; I’m very concerned and am taking every action I think is best, but I spend no company with fear, anxiety, or stress.)


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Now don’t get abstract on me and take this to the extreme.  Of course we still want to achieve our visions and goals, but you can choose right now to change your focus on the positive things in your life and choose to feel those feelings of happiness, success, fulfillment, accomplishment… all of those wonderful feelings you desire to have.  You can choose to have them now because you remember that what you focus on increases.  Think about that for a moment, what you focus on increases.  Go ahead and decide to feel lonely and depressed and pout about how sorry you feel for yourself.  I triple, no quadruple dog guarantee and even sign my soul away if those feelings don’t multiply inside of you.  Instead you can now decide to feel sociable and that people enjoy your company and you can now choose to accept your circumstances and be happy and excited about your future.  These feelings will multiply and may lead you to join an aerobics class or a dance class or a fantasy football league and start the season 0-4 (y’all pray for me now) where you will meet other positive like-minded individuals because you have this wonderful feeling of happiness on the inside of you and you now see opportunities and possibilities of advancement all around you.


I challenge all that’s reading this to take a few moments out of each day to shut down the world around you and envision yourself reaching your desired state and notice those feelings that arise inside of you.  I don’t know if you desire a better job, a better house, more obedient children, or desire to feel good about your health, but as you proceed along with your daily activities, hold on to those desired feelings and focus on these feelings as they increase inside of you and automatically become second nature to you and drive you more and more towards your desired goals.

So did you enjoy that?  I did… Let me know your thoughts below and don’t forget to share this and take this free quiz 



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