My Keto Diet Story

The Truth & Lies of the Keto Diet

Ever since the Keto Diet has started to sweep the Diet Industry off it's feet, thousands upon thousands have decided to give this Diet a try with most people reporting some level of success with the diet.

But most people are still questioning:

1) Does the Keto Diet work?
2) Do I really have to give up my favorite Carbs?
3) Is the Keto Diet healthy?
4) Is this Diet Sustainable as a Lifestyle
5) What happens when people stop - Are the results Long-Term

With this in mind I could not deny that there was something appealing with the fast fat loss claims and better health claims made by various outlets touting the diet - So I decided to give the diet a try.

So after doing some research and discussing it over with my wife, we both decided to give it a go.

At the start we both experienced rapid weight loss... I lost 8 pounds after the first 2 weeks, my wife lost 10.

The great thing about the diet was since it was protein heavy, although we were "dieting" we didn't experience the normal feeling of hunger or starvation.

By the end of the first month, something weird began to happen though...

Let me back up real quick though... cause I just remember that first weekend being home. OMG - I remember wanting to get a quick snack, just more out of habit versus hunger and going through our refrigerator and cabinets just looking for anything that had just a few carbs, but almost everything had tons of carbs.

I didn't realize one english muffin has like 20 or so carbs and since we were trying to stay under 30 net carbs a day, that was gonna be a killer. Bread, pretzels, pizza, oatmeal cookies, chips... I just had never even considered how much carbs was in almost everything.

Okay back on track, I digressed... Something strange began to happen. After the first month I had surpassed my wife losing 15 pounds to her 12 and over the next few weeks this trend continued.

I lost another 5 pounds the next couple weeks and it seemed like her weight loss hit a cement floor.

I asked her, "You haven't been cheating at work eating a bunch of carbs, have you?"

She adamantly replied "Heck NAW!! Birthday parties at work, luncheons, candy jars... I've just had to 'Say No' while everybody enjoying my favorite food, but I've been strong."

Empathizing with her struggles and obvious plateau of weight loss success I started to do some more research on the Keto Diet and made some rather interesting discoveries.

The biggest discovery is the fact that due to the differences in hormones from men & women cutting carbs out of the diet dramatically reduces a particular hormone that is most responsible for the metabolism.

This hormone drops much more significantly in women than men during the Keto Diet.

Also studies are showing a higher Bounce Back weight gain effect for those who return to a normal diet with most people not keeping the weight off for over a year.

And there's much more to it then just that... I decided to write a quick report that shares all of what I discovered...

Learn the Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet & even more importantly how you can get maximum benefit from you efforts while still eating some of your favorite carbs!

What happens when you get all the Fast Weight Loss Results of the Keto Diet without the Negative Side Effects turning your diet into a lifestyle instead of a FAD?

If you're a woman than you're gonna want to pick up this report right now!